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How did "Crotched Mountain" get it's name?

Anyone who sees the view from the campus of our rehabilitation center here in Greenfield, NH will understand why we chose to name our organization after the mountain upon which we are located. Crotched (pronounced "crotch-ED") Mountain was so named by the early settlers because of its distinctive v-shaped peaks which resemble the fork or crotch of a tree. Interestingly, the word "crotched" comes from the same origin as the word "crutch." Traditionally, handmade crutches have been fashioned from v-shaped tree branches.


Does Crotched Mountain Foundation award grants to outside organizations?

No. All funds raised through Crotched Mountain Foundation are used exclusively to support our rehabilitation center here in Greenfield, NH, as well as our own community service programs in operation throughout the northeastern part of the United States. New Hampshire residents with disabilities may be able to receive a grant from our sister organization, the Harry Gregg Foundation. 


Is there local lodging in Greenfield, NH or the surrounding areas?

We've provided links to some of the closest places to stay as well as a more general link to lodging options elsewhere in New Hampshire.


Is Crotched Mountain affiliated with the ski area and golf course?

No. Both the ski area and golf course are neighboring businesses located on the other side of the mountain. Neither are affiliated with our organization. Their contact information is as follows:


Crotched Mountain Ski & Ride Area 

615 Francestown Rd, Rt 47

Bennington, NH 03442


603.588.3667 (fax) 


Crotched Mountain Golf Club 

Schoolhouse Rd, Rt 47

Francestown, NH 03043



What's the symbolism behind the Crotched Mountain logo?

The prominent spiral in the foreground symbolizes the spirited movement of people and energy onto and off the mountain. People come to Crotched Mountain, experience a cycle of growth, of change and then move off again. Likewise, the spiral also reflects the services - moving from off the mountain and down into the nearby communities and surrounding region - using a warm, engaging color with a rich, energetic accent color behind it to reinforce depth and dimension. The eroded edges of the contrasting rectangular background are intended to reflect the rustic history of Crotched Mountain and its friendly informality. The blue color symbolizes stability and tradition. Also, the background creates a figure/ground relationship with the styled "crotched" horizon of the mountain itself. Together, the spiral and the mountain form the letters "C" and "M" of Crotched Mountain.

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