Workplace Values

As employees of Crotched Mountain, we recognize that providing continued, quality care for the individuals and families we serve requires a workplace characterized by trust. Trust results from dedicated staff members and an effective leadership working together, committed to and guided by shared values. These values are the foundation of our workplace culture, and they directly influence our daily decisions and actions, helping us to accomplish our mission:


Dignity and Respect

Treat each other with esteem, regardless of one's position, and create a feeling of safety in a workplace free of fear and retaliation by:


  • Listening actively, seeking to understand and validate concerns.
  • Valuing each person's ideas and encouraging constructive feedback.
  • Bridging internal boundaries so employees have an understanding of the organization as a whole.


Team Work

Collaborate with others to achieve common goals by:


  • Celebrating diversity, drawing on the strengths of every individual.
  • Believing in and being supportive of each other, team decisions and our ability to succeed.
  • Providing opportunities for employees to influence policies, especially those that they are responsible for implementing.


Effective Communication

Exchange meaningful information and ideas throughout and beyond our workplace, across all levels, directions and channels by:


  • Being open minded, honest and respectful when listening and speaking to one another, and seeking out necessary information.
  • Taking a direct approach, whenever possible, in resolving any personal conflicts with others.
  • Giving others the information needed to do their jobs and to understand organizational decisions.


Accountability to Self and Others

Be responsible to ourselves and our peers, to our supervisors and those who we supervise, and to the organization for our performance by:


  • Doing our jobs in a purposeful manner with pride and integrity.
  • Acknowledging accomplishments and addressing deficiencies in job performance in a prompt and dignified manner.
  • Looking continually for ways to improve performance at all levels.


Positive Attitude

While acknowledging our struggles, approach each day with enthusiasm by:


  • Choosing an optimistic and cheerful outlook.
  • Seeing the good in others - looking for solutions, not blame.
  • Fostering a sense of organizational pride.


Growth and Learning

Acquire knowledge and skills through practice, training and experience by:


  • Embracing opportunities for continuous improvement and innovative solutions.
  • Helping each other overcome barriers to allow maximum staff participation in educational programs.
  • Generating an environment in which creativity, problem solving and shared knowledge are highly regarded.


Crotched Mountain will strive to provide the necessary resources, time and organizational systems to make the realization of these values possible, and will recognize individuals whose exceptional performance clearly reflects their ongoing commitment to these values.



We are proud to be an EEO/AA employer M/F/D/V.
We maintain a drug-free workplace.

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