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About Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital

Crotched Mountain has operated a licensed specialty hospital since 1953. Our 62-bed facility specializes in rehabilitation and ventilator management and weaning for children and adults with a variety of conditions including traumatic and acquired brain injuries, stroke, spinal cord injuries, wound care, ventilator dependency and other medically complex conditions.


Here, patients receive intensive therapies from our expert staff with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Medical care is provided at acute and sub-acute hospital levels as well as skilled nursing levels.


Referring Your Patients

To refer a patient contact:

Nurse Referral Coordinator
603.547.3311, ext. 2010  



Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital is accredited through DNV Healthcare, Inc. Similar to Joint Commission, DNV has accreditation authority through CMS. We chose DNV because it takes accreditation to the next level of excellence. They require that hospitals implement the ISO 9001 Quality Management System within three years of accreditation. By emphasizing innovation and best practices, this process helps ensure the highest standards of patient care and safety.



This page contains links to brochures, newsletter stories and videos that discharge planners can use for reference and share with patients and families during the discharge planning process.  Read more 

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