At Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital, family members and friends are encouraged to visit patients and take part in the many opportunities for connection and healing available on our 1,400 acre campus. Family members can participate in therapy sessions, offering inspiration and assistance. And family and friends can choose from a wide variety of activities and opportunities for visiting with patients as they work on their recoveries - from an easy stroll around Charity Park's seasonal gardens to exploring the accessible hiking trails to enjoying a quiet moment on the shores of Sunset Lake and more. 


Visiting Hours

Immediate family and guardians are invited and encouraged to spend time with their loved ones any time of the day or night. And in most cases, parents may stay overnight in their children's rooms to provide that extra level of comfort.


Other relatives and friends may visit from 8:00am to 8:00pm daily.


Where to Stay

Please visit our Where to Stay page for a listing of accommodations for visitors and family members.



  • Wireless internet areas are available at many sites on campus for patients and visitors.
  • Cell phones are allowed.
  • There is a television in each family area for your use. You may bring your own television and DVD player for personal use in your room.



We invite families to dine together if they wish. Mealtimes can be a great opportunity to relax, catch-up and reconnect. Our cafeteria offers convenient hours and varied daily menus. Families can dine in the cafeteria or purchase take-out meals to be enjoyed in other areas of the campus. Coffee and tea are available on the units.


Main Cafeteria Hours

Monday – Friday
Continental breakfast: 7-11am
Lunch: 11:45am-1:30pm
Dinner: 5-6pm


Weekend hours vary



Crotched Mountain is a smoke-free campus. We appreciate your cooperation. 


Activities for Patients and Families

Our campus offers many indoor and outdoor options for visiting with patients and participating in the healing process. Family members may also enjoy many of these activities on their own for respite and rejuvenation. Before visiting, please check with the nurse station or your case manager to be certain there are no medical restrictions for visits.


Visits on The Hospital Floors

Family and friends are welcome to visit patients in their rooms. In addition, comfortable living rooms, dining areas and patios provide welcoming places for visits on the hospital floors.


Accessible Hiking

Crotched Mountain’s network of fully accessible trails allows hikers of all abilities to experience the natural world, enjoy the companionship of friends, or seek solitude in a place of extraordinary beauty. From a summit trail with views across three states, to a wetland bog, the Crotched Mountain trails beckon hikers to enjoy nearly four miles of hiking in a mountainside environment. Read more  


Aquatics Center

In addition to providing therapy for our patients, our recreation pool also offers opportunities for families and patients to enjoy the water together. Read more 


Charity Park

A great place for patients and families to enjoy a casual and easy stroll through our seasonal gardens. Take a rest on a bench or in our gazebo, then cross the foot bridge to see who has taken up residence in the water feature.


Children’s Playground

A fully accessible outdoor children’s playground provides opportunities for children of all abilities to play together and with family members.


Media Center

Our media center is open to all patients and their families. It features multiple accessible computer work stations for patients and families to surf the web, send email and even Skype with each other. It also offers a relaxing reading area to peruse periodicals and books. The center is set up to accommodate a wide range of disabilities so that patients can access materials at their level of physical and cognitive ability.



Crotched Mountain’s waterfront on Sunset Lake is open to patients and families for swimming, fishing and kayaking, based on ability and medical status, through our Therapeutic Recreation department. For details, please contact Therapeutic Recreation through your care coordinator.

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