Our Campus and Environment



The perfectly balanced treatment environment at our 1,400 acre New Hampshire campus surrounds patients with a sense of safety and security. Our warm, welcoming facilities and breathtaking setting in a mountainside environment offer opportunities for involvement in all aspects of recovery, from rehabilitative therapies to recreation to healing through the arts.


The Hospital 

The Specialty Hospital has multiple units to accommodate patients of different ages and acuity levels. And our exceptional nurse-to-patient ratios ensure personalized, caring attention 24-hours a day. Patient rooms are spacious, comfortable and can be decorated to feel like home. Hospital floors have inviting living rooms, kitchens, recreation areas and dining rooms.


Therapy Gyms and Fitness Room

Patients receive high-quality rehabilitative therapies in our fully equipped therapy gyms and fitness room. Highlights of our therapy equipment include MOTOmed® FES therapy bike with e-stim components, SaeboFlex® system, partial body weight support system and a large variety of mobility aids.  Our fitness room is equipped with a wide range of exercise machines and bikes for building stamina and muscle mass.


Aquatics Center

Our heated, 25-yard, four-lane swimming pool is used for therapies, swimming lessons and recreational swimming. It is accessible by lift or ramp. Our adjoining heated therapy pool is equipped with a remarkable elevating floor that adjusts the water level from zero to five feet, allowing easy entry. Our aquatics program reduces muscle and joint pain and creates an optimal balance of resistance and buoyancy for improving strength, balance, mobility, circulation and flexibility.


Assistive Device Clinic 

We all use assistive devices in our daily life. Mobile phones improve communications through voice and texting options. Stepping stools help us reach items on high shelves. Grocery lists serve as a memory aid. And task lighting improves visibility for reading a good book. During and after recovery, patients may need assistive devices to ensure full participation in everyday activities. Our experienced assistive technology experts and rehabilitation engineers assess, recommend and create custom solutions for communications, seating, mobility, environmental controls and daily living supports.


Accessible Outdoor Opportunities

With a 1,400 acre campus in the beautiful New Hampshire countryside, we incorporate the outdoors into therapy, when appropriate. Our certified and licensed recreational therapists develop a host of individualized therapeutic recreation programs for patients and families at all ability levels.

  • Our accessible hiking trails -- the longest in a mountainside environment in the country –  provide opportunities to practice gross and fine motor skills learned during therapies in an awe-inspiring setting.
  • Our lakeside beach offers additional therapeutic options including swimming, paddling and fishing.
  • We utilize the resources of a nearby ski mountain so our patients can enjoy the thrill of downhill skiing and snowboarding.
  • For children, our extensive accessible playground provides ample opportunities for healing and recovery through play.


Families are always welcome to participate in therapeutic and outdoor activities and our certified therapeutic recreational therapists can teach families how to adapt their activities to include everyone.


Other Campus Resources

Patients and families also have access to additional amenities on our campus for healing, relaxing and recreating:

  • Art studios
  • Gymnasium
  • Media center
  • Theater
  • Park and gardens


Healing Arts Programming 

Art and music provides many opportunities for learning new skills, encouraging self expression and improving self confidence. Through our Healing Arts Program, we regularly bring local, regional and national artists to our campus for short and long-term artist residencies in a variety of artistic disciplines. Each artist works closely with our therapeutic staff and patients to make needed adaptations for success. 


To refer a patient please contact: 

Nurse Referral Coordinator
603.547.3311, ext. 2010

Fax: 603.547.2431 

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