Access and Independent Living

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When people with complex physical challenges have difficulty controlling aspects of their environment, a variety of aids and environmental modifications can help ensure access. Our team of experienced physical and occupational therapists evaluate needs at home, school and work. They provide recommendations for ambulation aids, bathroom equipment, handrails, lighting, personal care items, utensils and environmental control units. Our professionals address issues related to room usage and physical access, such as ramps, door widening, elevators and lifts. They can also provide general recommendations related to remodeling and are available to consult with architects and contractors during the planning and construction phases of a project.


Services and Specialties

During our thorough evaluation and recommendation process, our clinicians work closely with individuals and vendors to:


  • Identify durable medical equipment that meets an individual’s complex medical, physical and environmental needs
  • Identify low, medium and high tech solutions that are compatible with existing equipment such as a wheelchair or lift system
  • Understand the funding implications for proposed solutions
  • Create solutions that integrate short and long-term needs of the individual, family and caregivers
  • Collaborate with expert vendors to establish medically appropriate solutions that meet functional, structural and building code requirements


Reap the Benefits

Being able to fully and independently access the physical environments at home, work and school through appropriate aids and modifications:


  • Enables an individual to continue living in the community and avoid premature institutionalization
  • Promotes safety, accessibility and quality of life
  • Decreases dependence on formal and informal caregivers
  • Promotes health through hygiene, appropriate transfer techniques and the ability to leave the home for medical care


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