Hiking During Hunting Season

Trails colored jacket    

Autumn is a great time to hike the trails at Crotched Mountain. However, this season carries some other responsibilities for each hiker. While there are various dates for hunting individual species in NH, this is the time of year for deer season. Hunting accidents in New Hampshire are very low and hunting accidents rarely involve non-hunters.


There are a few simple steps that hikers can take to enjoy hiking during deer-hunting season:

  1. Wear an article of blaze orange clothing – a vest, hat or bandanna that is easily distinguished from any other color in the woods.
  2. You don't want to look like a deer by wearing brown and white. Avoid wearing white socks or gloves that could be mistaken for the flash of a deer's white tail.
  3. Stay on the designated hiking trails, and avoid bushwhacking. One can never be too careful this time of year.
  4. Be courteous and respectful to hunters and non-hunters alike. Respect the rights of others and share the woods.

Be safe and enjoy the outdoors!

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