Occupational Therapy

Crotched Mountain School students receive occupational therapy throughout our beautiful mountaintop campus as well as within the local community. This flexibility allows our rehabilitation staff to teach and model in environments that are the most meaningful and effective for each student. As with all of our therapeutic interventions, our goal is increasing students' independence in their daily lives.

Crotched Mountain School's OT resources include:


  • Creating and monitoring sensory diets - students with autism and other disabilities may have sensory needs which can be regulated with a carefully-designed sensory program. This “diet” ensures that students have the correct amount of stimuli to help them stay focused and organized throughout their day. An effective sensory diet can utilize equipment and strategies such as swings, therabands, putty, body socks, weighted blankets, scooter boards and more.
  • Supporting activities of daily living (ADLs) - our OTs can design programs for students that support their daily activities, from brushing teeth to filling out job applications to maintaining a budget and checking account. They also support students with adaptive equipment needed for ADLs and create technology solutions for students' sensory needs.
  • Vocational Experiences - students learn valuable skills, such as task completion and teamwork, in genuine workplace environments on our campus and in the community. These experiences provide work exposure and career development opportunities in line with each student’s IEP objectives.


For more information, please contact: 

Director of Admissions

603.547.3311 ext. 1894


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