Farm School

Farm School 

Learning in the Natural World

The Farm School at Crotched Mountain gives students extraordinary opportunities for academic and vocational learning in farm settings, where meaningful chores and responsibilities produce real results.

The holistic environment of farming provides students with ample opportunities to practice functional skills, earn academic credit, gain vocational experience and practice skills learned in therapies. Activities are aligned with IEPs and person-centered plans. A sample of farming tasks includes sorting, weighing, and selling produce at the farmer's market and caring for chickens, sheep and other farm animals.


Connecting with the Cycles of Life

Students participate in the full cycle of life, from growing and planting seeds to raising, harvesting, cooking and selling the vegetables. Winter and early spring bring opportunities to harvest balsam, collect sap from sugar maple trees and prepare sheep's wool for spinning into yarn. Working with farm animals - helping care for chickens and cows, for example, or bottle-feeding lambs - helps students learn to treat animals with dignity and respect.

Building Life Skills and a Sense of Pride

Crotched Mountain's Farm School students experience the satisfaction of a job well done. By working together to accomplish goals, students also find their place in a wider community. The self-esteem, resilience and skills developed at the Farm School continue to serve them well throughout their lives.


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