Crotched Mountain, Antioch University Partner for ABA Conference

On November 10, over 125 professionals in the field of autism attended a special all-day presentation. Peak ABA: Assessment and Training for Language and Cognitive Skills, presented by Mark Dixon, BCBA-D, was a workshop that offered information about assessment and training curriculum that promotes the advancement of language and cognitive skills of children and adolescents with autism.

Crotched Mountain’s Ready, Set, Connect! program – a clinic-based treatment center for young children with autism – partnered with Antioch University-New England out of Keene to put on the event at the Puritan Conference Center in Manchester. A majority of the workshop’s attendees were Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Applied Behavior Analysis Therapists from throughout New England.

“This workshop examined a newer area of ABA Therapy, focused on complex verbal behavior,” said Dennis Bradley, Director of Behavioral Science at Crotched Mountain. “This is a model to teach our children at Ready, Set, Connect! and our students at Crotched Mountain School more nuanced language and articulate their needs, feelings, and desires more accurately. It helps them understand the complexities of personal interaction.”

Crotched Mountain has been introducing these very same concepts to the children at Ready, Set, Connect.

“Antioch University-New England is focused on the complexities of language and how we address them from a behavior analytic perspective,” said Dr. Rachel Enoch,¬†Program Director for the Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis program at Antioch. “We are excited about the work Ready, Set, Connect is doing in the community and the inclusion of PEAK as part of their program curriculum. It felt like a natural fit to co-host the event as we are training students to become practitioners to go into the field and implement what they are learning in the classroom at settings like Ready, Set, Connect.”

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