Crotched Mountain Foundation Welcomes New Trustees

Greenfield, NH –¬†Crotched Mountain Foundation welcomed Raymond Benoit, Henry Veilleux, and Darcy Mitchell to the Crotched Mountain Foundation Board of Directors. Andrew Peterson has joined the Crotched Mountain Board of Trustees. While all Directors also serves as Trustees, Directors hold governance authority over the organization. All four were elected at the annual Board of Trustees meeting on October 2.

Benoit, President/Owner/Founder of RTM Communications Inc., an information technology integration firm in Bedford, NH, joins as a Director after serving as a Trustee for six years. Mitchell is an Associate Professor of Child Development and Education at Colby-Sawyer College, earning her doctorate in Applied Developmental Psychology at Boston College in 2003. Veilleux serves as Partner for Sheehan Phinney Capitol Group in Concord, NH, a government affairs and lobbying firm representing more than 40 clients. Peterson, a real estate broker from Peterborough, NH, is co-owner and Vice President of The Petersons, Inc., a Peterborough real estate firm established in 1948.

“These four accomplished professionals come to Crotched Mountain at an exciting time in our history,” said Michael Coughlin, President and CEO of Crotched Mountain Foundation. “While they each bring different skills and expertise to the organization, they are united by a common passion for our mission, a mission that is that much stronger with them on board.”

James W. Varnum, Susan Reeves, and Charles Baldwin, outgoing members of the Board of Directors, will remain on the Crotched Mountain Board of Trustees.

“I am incredibly grateful for the passion and dedication of our outgoing Directors,” said Coughlin. “Their expertise and advice proved to be invaluable as our organization underwent a significant transformation this year. Thankfully, they will still remain part of the Crotched Mountain family as Trustees as we move forward to the next chapter in our story.”

About Crotched Mountain Foundation
Crotched Mountain Foundation is a charitable organization founded in 1953 with a mission to serve individuals with disabilities and their families, embracing personal choice and development, and building communities of mutual support. Crotched Mountain provides specialized education and community and residential services for more than 3,000 people throughout New England and New York. For more information about Crotched Mountain’s programs, please visit

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