Crotched Mountain Recognized with National Award for Healthcare Leadership and Innovation for the Second Time

Crotched Mountain Community Care (CMCC) received the 2016 Doyle Award from MCG for its groundbreaking work in using an electronic system to improve quality and efficiency. MCG (formerly Milliman Care Guidelines) is part of the Hearst Health network and a leading provider of informed care strategies and evidence-based care guidelines. CMCC, a program of the Crotched Mountain Foundation, provides case management of long term supports and home-based community services. Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital had previously been awarded the 2014 Doyle Award for an innovative utilization review project that improved efficiency of service provision and patient outcomes.

CMCC is one of the largest providers of case management in the state, serving over 850 low income seniors and adults with medical needs that would qualify them for nursing home placement. Through CMCC, they are able to continue to live in their communities at a fraction of the cost of nursing home placement.

“The health care world is rapidly changing with many uncertainties going forward,” said Lisa Perales, VP of Nursing and Population Health “Our strategy has been to build our capacity for managing the complexity of client needs and be able to track and manage the transitions of clients from one setting to another — be it from home to hospital to nursing facility and return to home — while electronically integrating health records with providers of these services throughout the state. Now we can provide faster approvals and service delivery for our and increase our collaboration with other care providers. Leveraging MCG’s evidence-based guidelines was a key to our success.”

“The health care world is rapidly changing with many uncertainties going forward”

Using MCG’s technology, CMCC created custom guidelines for use in community based services. CMCC can apply the right staffing resources with the right skills and expertise to meet the specific needs and level of acuity required by its clients. CMCC is able to address both the physical and behavioral co-morbidities that tend to impact one another. The end result is an increase in CMCC’s drive to provide premium, person-centered services that improve quality of life and allow people to stay in their communities.

“CMCC is a leader in incorporating an integrated case management model of care in our work to provide medical and behavioral supports and the results are to the benefit of our clients and the healthcare system,” said Perales. “We were able to leverage MCG’s software to create an electronic record that ensures both quality and cost-effective care.”

“MCG is proud to be an important part of the informed care strategy that CMCC has so successfully implemented,” says Jon Shreve, President of MCG. “CMCC has clearly demonstrated that by leveraging MCG solutions, care providers can simultaneously improve the care their patients receive as well as improve the efficiency of their organization.”

Learn more about the Doyle Award here.


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