Crotched Mountain School Kicks Off After School Program, Laughter and Floor Hockey Ensues

With the excitement of Fourth of July in the rear-view mirror, life continues at Crotched Mountain School for the summer—with one big exception. On July 5, Crotched Mountain School rolled out its After School Program for residential students, an audacious (and bodacious) new piece of the student life experience that offers a wide menu of cool activities.

Floor Hockey

Campus Safety Staff Leanne Mathis and Travis May take a break from some intense after school floor hockey to show off their game-face snarls.

Whether it’s Farm School or floor hockey, photography or Dave’s Nerdy Board Game Club, the opportunities are rich and varied for our students to plug into. All of this excitement is part of a broader strategy to keep residential students engaged throughout the day, giving them and their staff entertaining things to do before it’s time to head home. Following the final school class, students congregate for a snack and then fan out to their respective activities.

Dan Petit and Alice Cutter, both education staff from Crotched Mountain School, are running point on the After School Program, pulling together activities and getting kids connected. The After School Program represents a key cog in the school’s Strategic Plan initiative, to keep students connected and give them a “meaningful twelve hour day.”

“We’re all excited about the potential for the After School Program,” says Melissa White, Chief of School and Community Living. “This is a fantastic opportunity and the students seem to be enjoying it in a big way.”


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