Thank you for supporting the important work of Crotched Mountain Foundation.

Generations of caring people like you ensure that Crotched Mountain Foundation (CMF) is there to serve the great and urgent needs of people with disabilities.

Together, we fought polio in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, opened a School for the Deaf in the 60’s, served those with multiple disabilities (70’s and 80’s), neurological and brain injuries (90’s-2000’s), and recently, children with Autism.

Now, with your generosity, CMF helps people with disabilities live fulfilling lives in the safety and comfort of their own homes and within their own communities.

Crotched Mountain has always evolved to meet the changing needs of those we serve, and this is another time of transition. We began almost 90 years ago, long before programs at our campus in Greenfield, and years from now, with your help, we’ll still be there for those with the most challenging disabilities.

You are at the core of the evolving legacy of compassionate care for the most vulnerable in our society. On behalf of all those touched by your generous support, thank you for your care and commitment.

Crotched Mountain’s Tax Exemption Number: EIN: 02-0222168

Crotched Mountain Foundation
Development Department
186 Granite Street, Suite 302
Manchester, NH 03101

Call us directly at 603-668-7584

Gifts and Securities

To deposit any DTC-eligible security: Including but not limited to Equities, Corporate and Municipal Bonds, Commercial Paper, Medium-Term Notes, Collateralized Mortgage Issues, and Zero Coupon Bonds:

Instruct current custodian to deliver to: The Depository Trust Company
Participant Account 0164, Code 40
For credit to Crotched Mountain Foundation Act #: XXXX XXXX.

(Call 603.668.7584 for account number.)

Please include the donor name to facilitate appropriate credit. If the donor intends the gift be used for a specific purpose, please call 603.831.8424 to confirm whether restriction can be accommodated.

For additional delivery instructions, please click here.

The Memorial Garden

A Place to Rest, Remember and Celebrate

The Memorial Garden on Crotched Mountain provides an expansive outdoor gathering space for memorial services with a smaller, more intimate grotto for quiet contemplation.

It is near the scenic entrance to our award-winning accessible trails. While space remains, we invite you to recognize your loved one through stone benches, paving stones, memorial rock wall plaques and landscaping.

Click here to learn more


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