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Raekwon was hitting himself over 1,000 times a day.

Rae has severe autism, which has led to a particularly severe method of coping — self injury. When Rae arrived at Crotched Mountain, every other school or program in which he had been enrolled had given up. Rae was hitting himself so often that therapeutically, it made more sense to measure the intervals of time when he wasn’t hitting himself.

Rae’s family had found no other schools willing to accept him and the next step would likely be a restrictive hospital placement. So, we got to work. The Crotched Mountain School team put together an ambitious plan, which included a full complement of behavioral services to include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), psychology, speech, and occupational therapy, all wrapped up in two staff members with Rae at all times.

It was Rae’s own determination, combined with Crotched Mountain’s expertise and commitment, that brought us to today. Rae attends school full time with his fellow students. The protective gear is gone, as are the hits. He loves making art and watering the plants at the Farm School. He particularly loves participating in the music and dance programs. Rae is happy.

Rae’s beloved “Grampee” Joseph and Nana Kim visit on the weekends and call Rae every night. The call always ends the same way. Grampee starts to sing the Whitney Houston song, “I Will Always Love You” and Rae joins in, singing the last part of the line back.

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The Memorial Garden

A Place to Rest, Remember and Celebrate

The Memorial Garden on Crotched Mountain provides an expansive outdoor gathering space for memorial services with a smaller, more intimate grotto for quiet contemplation.

It is near the scenic entrance to our award-winning accessible trails. While space remains, we invite you to recognize your loved one through stone benches, paving stones, memorial rock wall plaques and landscaping.

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