Now more than ever - support our Direct Support staff

As we face unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic, the direct care staff at Crotched Mountain continue to show unwavering compassion and commitment to the people they serve. If you would like to support these incredible professionals, please consider donating to the COVID-19 Staff Support Fund.

These funds will go directly to the staff to offer a powerful “thank-you” for all they are doing on behalf of the most vulnerable among us.

When you give please choose “COVID-19 Staff Support Fund” as your designation in the drop-down below. You can also send a check to Crotched Mountain Foundation, 1 Verney Drive, Greenfield, NH, 03047, writing “Direct Staff Support Fund” in the memo.

If you’ve asked yourself “What can I do to help?” here is your answer. Thank you for stepping up to support our awesome staff.

For information on PPE donations please email Kevin Harte at

When you give to support the children and adults with unique challenges at Crotched Mountain, you are a valued partner in an incredible mission. With your generosity, the lives of extraordinary students and residents are transformed. Thank you!

Why not become a monthly donor? It’s convenient and your support really adds up to make a lasting difference!

Crotched Mountain’s Tax Exemption Number: EIN: 02-0222168


As a baby, Quinnie was abandoned on the side of the road in her birth country of China. She then lived in an orphanage where there were two nannies for 80 babies. Where she was never held when fed her bottle. Where she was not given proper baths.

By the time I adopted Quinnie at 14 months old, she was tiny for her age and had damage to over 90% of her brain. After failed attempts at different schools, we finally found Crotched Mountain Residential School. My sweet daughter, now 7 years old, has come so far since that traumatic beginning to her life.

Because of kind-hearted people like you who care about kids like Quinnie, Crotched Mountain can help so many children come so very far on their own journey. As a grateful mom, I ask you to give generously today by using the online form.

Bringing my Quinnie to Crotched Mountain was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. How could I trust these people to do right by her when so many others hadn’t? But very soon, I knew I had done the right thing. Because of Crotched Mountain, Quinnie is no longer afraid. She trusts the amazing people there, and I do too.

Every day, I know I did the right thing. Please do the same and show your support for Quinnie and all the amazing Crotched Mountain students. Please give what you can today.

I would be so very grateful to you.

Another proud and grateful Crotched Mountain parent

Crotched Mountain Foundation
Development Department
One Verney Drive
Greenfield, NH 03047

Call us directly at 603.547.1488

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The Memorial Garden

A Place to Rest, Remember and Celebrate

The Memorial Garden on Crotched Mountain provides an expansive outdoor gathering space for memorial services with a smaller, more intimate grotto for quiet contemplation.

It is near the scenic entrance to our award-winning accessible trails. While space remains, we invite you to recognize your loved one through stone benches, paving stones, memorial rock wall plaques and landscaping.

Click here to learn more


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