Crotched Mountain’s Aquatics Center offers recreational swimming opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. To register for any of our Open Swim options feel free to come up and purchase a pass the day that you would like to start swimming. No need to register beforehand. You may also fill out a registration form and send it in with a payment.

Liquid Magic
An open swim time designed for individuals looking to use our warm water therapy pool to help  increase joint range of motion and reduce pain and stiffness.  This time is ideal for anyone suffering from Arthritis, fibromyalgia, or general joint pain.  Pool depth varies depending upon individuals in attendance.  This is not a led class, but an open swim time to utilize your own movements and exercises.

As with any of our programs a certified lifeguard is on duty during this time for general pool safety, however anyone needing assistance while in the water must provide their own support aide. For those individuals that need to bring someone  into the water with them for assistance, there will be no charge to the person that is coming in to help with assistance.

Tuesdays 12:00pm-1:00pm
Friday 5:00pm-6:00pm

1 visit pass $10
5 visit pass $30
10 visit pass $50
Greenfield Residents may purchase a year pass for $50 (per individual)

Splish & Splash
An open swim time designed for individuals with a variety of disabilities or special needs and their families.  Pool depth varies depending upon individuals in attendance.  A great way for families to find support and friendships from the area with families living with special needs children.  Open to all ages, offered in our therapy pool. Children must be accompanied by an adult.