Mystery Science Theater 3000, Crotched Mountain Style

Liam is one of our students at Crotched Mountain School (you can learn more about him here!) and he is a huge fan of all things Mystery Science Theater 3000. For those not in the know, MST3K is a cult scifi-comedy show, featuring a “stranded cosmonaut” and his two wise-cracking robots, watching terrible movies and cracking jokes.

Well, Liam loves this show so much that he made versions of the robots–Crow and Tom Servo–in art class. He sculpted Crow (the yellow one) in clay, decorated his face, and fired him in the kiln. Tom Servo (the red one) is a papier mache creation.

We took a shot at getting him some buzz for his creativity and emailed the official show account at MST3K. We asked if there was something they could do to give attention to our NH-based superfan–and they got back to us asking for a photo! Along with Eric, the Crotched Mountain School Art Teacher, and Rory, Liam’s paraeducator, we set up a green screen photo shoot with his bots:

…then used a bit of Photoshop to give him a cool background…

…and sent it to the MST3K folks. And lo and behold, they posted Liam’s photo on their official Facebook and Twitter feeds:

The response was awesome. 2,100 likes! 72 comments! 68 shares! And an overwhelming amount of positivity and encouragement for our pal Liam! Here are just a few comments from the post:
  • How wonderful! We hope Liam had a super time building his creations! Very proud of Liam! 
  • Awesome job, Liam! These look so cool.
  • This is amazing! I love the creativity in the decision of what materials used to make the bots
  • Good job, kid
  • As a person/MST3K with a mental disability myself I salute you, Liam.
  • Way to go kid great job!
  • That is beyond awesome!!!
  • This kid is a true fan.
  • Nice work! MST3K the next generation!
  • Any way they can incorporate them into Season 2 on Netflix? Maybe as part of an invention exchange? Or viewer mail? 

And, last but certainly not least:

Speaking as this lad’s momma, I am so proud of my son! I have to say that the folks over at Crotched Mountain are marvelous, and I am so touched and impressed by their initiative and hard work.


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