Leave a legacy that will change lives.

When you support Crotched Mountain through your planned giving, you are making a tremendous difference in the lives of the people we serve. From the young children with autism in our Ready, Set, Connect! program to the students in our renowned special education school to older adults who wish to remain in their own homes with Crotched Mountain Community Care – the impact of your generosity will be felt for generations.

A planned gift offers more than just a perpetual expression of what you value in life – it delivers substantial financial, tax, and estate planning benefits. Thank you for considering Crotched Mountain for such an important philanthropic decision. Explore your planned giving options below!

For information on any of these opportunities contact Doreen Baker, Donor Services Manager at  603-547-1482 or click here to email her.

Trust and Living Wills

When a donor adds a bequest provision to their will or revocable trust, Crotched Mountain will benefit from this bequest after the life of the donor. This means significant philanthropic support without a disruption of your daily lifestyle. (You can change the bequest recipient at any time.) And to maximize the power of these gifts, bequests or trust designations fall outside the auspices of a federal estate tax.

Click here to read and download suggested bequest language. (PDF)

Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity represents a contract (versus a “trust”) between Crotched Mountain and you, the donor. In exchange for a transfer of cash, marketable securities or other assets, Crotched Mountain agrees to pay a fixed amount to one or two people over the course of their lives. (A percentage of the payments are considered to be a partial tax-free return of the gift, spread equally over your life.)

The gift then becomes a part of the Crotched Mountain’s assets and the beneficiary payments are our general obligation. The annuity is backed by Crotched Mountain’s assets.

Immediate Payment Annuities offer guaranteed payments for life (taxed favorably). A portion of cash gifts are tax-free; gifts of appreciated property will be subject, in part, to capital gain and income tax. A portion will be tax-free. Deferred-Payment Annuities can involve a one-time, series, or periodic transfers. You receive an immediate charitable deduction in your taxes for the gift section of these transfers.

Charitable Trusts

A charitable trust is a set of assets  that you would sign over Crotched Mountain. Crotched Mountain would manage these assets and receive a percentage or all of the interest generated. There are two forms a charitable trust can take: 1)as an annuity, or permanent amount every year, or 2) a unitrust, which produces annual outlays based on a percentage of the trust’s value.

Gifts through Retirement Plans

A gift created through any of a number of qualified retirement plans will allows you to make pre-tax contributions that develop, tax-free within the plan. Income is taxed when distributions begin, usually at age 70½. Retirement plan-focused giving can provide incredibly high financial impact to Crotched Mountain.  If you are 70½ or older, read about the IRA rollover opportunity below.

  • Retirement Plan Giving (during your lifetime):  Donations from a qualified retirement plan or IRA that is included in gross income lead to a charitable deduction for you, while drawing from, potentially, your largest asset pool. (Appreciated securities avoid the capital-gain tax on the appreciation.)
  • Retirement Plan Giving (after death):  Crotched Mountain is named as the beneficiary for a portion or the entirety of your retirement plan, with no federal income or estate tax due on these funds.
  • IRA Rollover for Donors (age 70½ and over): If you qualify, notify your IRA administrator to make a direct transfer of up to $100,000 to Crotched Mountain. These funds are not considered part of your gross income (an income tax deduction is not applicable). This gift counts toward your minimum distribution requirement.

Don Kent Legacy Society

The Don Kent Legacy Society was established in 2009 to recognize and honor individuals and families who have made provisions in their estate plans for the future well-being of Crotched Mountain.

Don KentThe Society is named after longtime WBZ weatherman Don Kent, who for years changed the world for countless children with disabilities through his “From the Kids at Crotched Mountain” weather reports. Today, members of the Don Kent Legacy Society carry on his legacy through their thoughtful generosity within their estate plans.

To become a member of the Don Kent Legacy Society simply inform Crotched Mountain’s Development Office that you have included Crotched Mountain in your estate plans or through the establishment of a trust naming Crotched Mountain as its beneficiary. Individuals who have established a charitable gift annuity, or other life-income arrangements, are automatically included within the Society’s membership.

For more information on becoming a member of the Don Kent Legacy Society, please contact our Development Office at (603) 547-1489.

Note: The information contained herein is offered for general information and educational purposes. Your personal circumstances, your State laws and other factors may impact results. It is always recommended that you consult with your attorney before making important financial decisions.

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