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A Continuum of Care, a Trajectory of Success

From the early supports of our Ready, Set, Connect! autism treatment program to the in-home elder care of the award-winning Crotched Mountain Community Care, Crotched Mountain’s spectrum of support spans a life. Discover the extent of our impact below!

Accessible Recreation2017-06-18T09:01:52+00:00

Adaptive Snowsports

Crotched Mountain Accessible Recreation and Sports (CMARS) provides exciting outdoors experiences for people of all abilities. For CMARS participants, it doesn’t matter what they’ve been told they could or could not accomplish—with us, adventure will become a reality.

But it’s more than just the joy of sport. CMARS blends the thrill of skiing, cycling, kayaking (and much more) with the development of practical life skills.

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Accessible Trails2017-06-18T09:06:36+00:00

Accessible TrailsWith over 1,200 acres of permanently protected forest, open fields of wild blueberry and heather, and mysterious wetlands, Crotched Mountain is a place of unusual beauty. Memories of hiking these woods to reach the summit, gazing at the sunset, or listening to the chatter of birds in an active wetland can last a lifetime.

Crotched Mountain’s accessible trails provide a place where everyone – people with disabilities, seniors and families with children – are welcomed and able to experience nature up close.

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Adult Community-Based Services2017-06-18T13:45:17+00:00

Residential Services by CMF

Our community living programs are highly customized to the individual. We work collaboratively with families and agencies, building expansive support networks around participants, which include crisis management, behavior support, and goal achievement. Our intention is to give our participants the opportunity to live successfully and safely in the community of their choosing.

We serve people through the Developmentally Disabled (DD) Waiver through Medicaid. To receive our services, you will need to be affiliated with a New Hampshire Area Agency (click here to view a list of Area Agencies). If you’re coming from another state, please start with ServiceLink at servicelink.nh.gov.

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CMF Aquatics

Crotched Mountain has one of the finest, most accessible aquatics centers in the country. In addition to our 25 yard, 4 lane recreational swimming pool, we also offer a heated therapy pool equipped with a remarkable elevating floor.

We offer a variety of programs to meet your needs:

  • Swimming lessons
  • Public swimming
  • Fitness classes
  • Lifeguard & WSI
  • Adaptive Aquatics

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Assistive Technology and Refurbished Equipment Marketplace (ATECH and REM)2017-10-18T11:40:39+00:00

Atech ServicesCrotched Mountain’s ATECH Services offers ground-breaking, person-centered assistive technology, designed to allow people to actively engage in the community. ATECH Services is the largest provider of assistive technologies in New Hampshire. Our team of best-in-class professionals is focused on one mission: helping individuals achieve their life goals using assistive technology at home, school, work and play.

The Refurbished Equipment Marketplace offers incredible discounts on excellent condition medical equipment, from walking aids to patient lifts to power wheelchairs with all the bells and whistles.

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Community Care2017-06-18T13:11:13+00:00

Community Care

CMCC offers an alternative to nursing home placement, connecting your loved ones with supports in the community. Our professional and experienced case managers will work with you to craft customized, cost-effective care plans with one goal in mind: independence.

As a proven leader in the case management field, we are committed to helping your family members remain independent, safe, and healthy in their own home—and it’s much more affordable than you think.

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Harry Gregg Foundation2017-06-23T12:17:21+00:00

CMF Founder Harry Gregg

In 1989, Crotched Mountain established a foundation to provide small grants to low and moderate income New Hampshire residents with disabilities for products and services not funded elsewhere. Since then, the Harry Gregg Foundation (HGF), established in honor of the founder of Crotched Mountain, has made over 8,000 grants totaling more than $3 million.

The foundation is unusual in that it provides funds to people, not organizations, and is one of the few in the state that does so. Home and vehicle modifications, specialized equipment, computers, recreation and education – these are the kinds of things that enhance independence, improve quality of life and are attainable with HGF funds.

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Ready, Set, Connect! Autism Services2017-06-18T09:00:08+00:00

ABA TreatmentAt Ready Set, Connect! we blend clinical rigor with pure, unadulterated fun, all with the specific needs of your child at the core of our work.

Ours is a state-of-the-art school-readiness program, designed to put your child on a path to a successful future.

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Wonderworks Early Learning Center2017-10-05T13:09:38+00:00

Wonderworks - sleddingLocated on our beautiful Greenfield campus, Wonderworks is a child-focused program where your child will grow, learn and explore.

Since 1981, we’ve provided developmentally-appropriate educational opportunities for infants and children ages 6 months through 12 years, whether it’s learning about animals, singing songs, sharing a story, making new friends or discovering the outdoors.

Our caregivers nurture the whole child, providing kindness, creativity and compassion.

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