I’ve been able to choose my home. I’m the driver of my day. I’m a member of my community.

Community LivingThese are the sentiments we want our participants to feel when they become part of the Crotched Mountain family. Our community living programs are highly customized to the individual. We work collaboratively with families and agencies, building expansive support networks around participants, which include crisis management, behavior support, and goal achievement. Our intention is to give our participants the opportunity to live successfully and safely in the community of their choosing.

We serve people through the Developmentally Disabled (DD) Waiver through Medicaid. To receive our services, you will need to be affiliated with a New Hampshire Area Agency (click here to view a list of Area Agencies). If you’re coming from another state, please start with ServiceLink at servicelink.nh.gov.

For more information please send us an email.

Community Living

For adults with disabilities, Crotched Mountain’s Community Living offers an individualized, relationship-based residential experience. We have two community living programs:

ISOs (Individualized Service Options)
An ISO is a life-sharing home, where participants live with a home provider in their home (or vice versa!).  Participants and providers are choosing to create a life together, based on existing relationships and compatibility.  For providers, this is more than a job—it’s a lifestyle. If you’re interested in becoming a home provider please download our application (PDF), fill it out, send it to:

Crotched Mountain Residential Services
CO: Terry Blaisdell
1 Verney Drive
Greenfield, NH 03047

Note: We are not currently accepting home provider applications. If you would like us to keep an application on file, feel free to submit one in case we have provider needs in the future. Thank you for your interest!

Apartments for Adults (HUD)
Crotched Mountain manages four apartment complexes for adults with disabilities that are accessibly designed and affordably priced. Click below to view and download the PDF flyers to learn more.

Community Participation Services

It’s all about community at Crotched Mountain’s adult services. Staff pick up our participants at their homes and from then the day kicks into high gear: every day has a schedule, a game-plan reviewed and agreed on by staff, agencies, families, and, most importantly, the individuals themselves.

There’s no milling around. We’re in the community, working at a job, volunteering at an organization, or enjoying a leisure activity. We have a center in Greenfield where participants can enjoy lunch, camaraderie, maybe use the computer, and then it’s back into the community for the rest of the day.

All of our participants have one-to-one staff, meaning we have extraordinary flexibility. The daily schedule is as nimble as the individual wants it to be. For example, if a participant gets a job, the schedule can adapt to their new experience!

Crotched Mountain’s Community Participation Services focus on three core ingredients for an awesome community experience:

Learning life skills
From grocery shopping to budgeting to going to medical appointments, participants build up their independence, empowered to become their own, best advocates.

Social opportunities
Our staff helps create authentic community experiences for our participants. Real relationships. Mutual support networks. Natural, organic friendships.

Hiking, swimming, biking, bowling, gymnastics, dancing, horseback riding—recreation opportunities are endless in New Hampshire and we ensure our participants can be as active as they wish! We work closely with Crotched Mountain Accessible Recreation and Sports to provide a varied, seasonal menu of adaptive activities.


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