The Roger R. and Theresa S. Thompson Endowment Fund Awards Grant to Crotched Mountain Community Care

The Roger R. and Theresa S. Thompson Endowment Fund announces the awarding of $112,000 in grants to six non-profit organizations in New Hampshire and Maine.

Among the beneficiaries, the Trustees of the Trust, Charles Doleac, Kenneth Barrett and Holly Ayes Malloy have approved a grant to Crotched Mountain Community Care of Greenfield NH — to address the unmet needs of very low income Crotched Mountain Community Care (CMCC) clients. The Thompson Fund has awarded grants to Crotched Mountain Community Care since 2000.

“Crotched Mountain is committed to serving the most vulnerable populations among us and the generous grant from the Roger R. and Theresa S. Thompson Endowment Fund helps us accomplish this mission,” said Michael Coughlin President and CEO of Crotched Mountain Foundation. “Our Community Care program has been the leader in case management services for low-income, older adults with chronic health conditions and individuals with disabilities for over 30 years. The Fund’s support will help us improve their quality of life allowing them to continue to live in their own homes and remain vital members of their communities.”

In making the announcement, Managing Trustee Charles Doleac commented, “The Roger R. and Theresa S. Thompson Endowment Fund trustees are pleased to recognize the work of the six beneficiaries with this year’s grants. Theresa Thompson, who set up the fund to honor her husband Roger, believed that the best way to build a legacy was not to endow the six local charities she identified but to create an endowment managed by local trustees who could determine each year how best to allocate the fund’s resources to the six and their initiatives that most benefit the community. The trustees of the Fund are directed to help the beneficiaries build on their strengths and to foster collaborative synergies so the six further their own legacies as well as the Thompsons’. The Thompson Endowment Fund is a great model for people who might be thinking about setting up their own charitable entities as it reflects a direct personal connection between the founders and the local, forward-looking projects planned by the organizations whose missions they supported.”

The distributions are not guaranteed and the non-profits named in the Trust must apply each year to be considered for the beneficiary awards that are paid from the income of the Roger R. and Theresa S. Thompson estate trust fund. To learn more about Thompson Fund beneficiaries and prior grant-funded initiatives, please visit and follow the Thompson Fund on Facebook.

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